NY/HELP - February 2010 Trip - Report from Honduras

Adapted from José Yovany Munguía Sorto [NY/HELP's coordinator in Honduras]
February 24 and March 4, 2010

The NY/HELP February mission group arrived on February 21 with no problems. Only Richard DeNise had trouble with his [airline] connection and arrived at 9:10 PM, but we went to Yoro City the next day, to join with the rest of the volunteers' group.

The February 2010 group

Members of the February group were (left to right) Dana Wilson, Marcos Gutiérrez, Andy Savoy-Burke and his friend Justin (both Peace Corps Volunteers), Kristin and Linda McDermott, Liz Zausmer MD, Dick DeNise, Lito Gutiérrez MD, Rev Brian Krause, Jen Plonka, Judy Toner, and our coordinator in Honduras, Yovany Munguía.

Bus + Baggage We needed three trips from La Habana [at the bottom of the hill] to La Laguna, to mobilize the 10 persons and 20 big bags!, with medicines, school supplies, clothes and other materials for families and students. Too, we moved materials and 4 volunteers (Richard, Brian. Dana and Marco) to Quiloma [Kiloma], where they will work to repair and construct a new fence around the Primary School in the community.

Dr Liz and Patient Kristin + Linda in the Pharmacy

Andy (a Peace Corps Volunteer from Buffalo) joined the group on the 21st. He, along with Justin, the other PCV, will work to prepare a proposal about the clinic and possible transfer to a medical NGO or the public health department of Yoro. It´s only a proposal that they are elaborating with the Tribal Council for NYHelp to analyze. Too, he will work on the construction of the fence at the La Laguna school some days.

School kids

After completing medical, school, and construction projects, the [NY/HELP February] group departed from La Habana [the town at the bottom of the hill below La Laguna] at noon March 3, 2010. Dr. Gutiérrez and his family returned to the United States.. Everything went well and most of the planned work was accomplished, both in support to the schools, as well as projects with families and medical work. We had no injuries, except for some people pretty tired from the constant work.

Dick + Yovany - Award Yesterday, before the group left, we gave a plaque of appreciation to Richard Denise for 21 years of uninterrupted support to the communities since 1989 (I was a still a child!). We thanked him for his heroic deeds and asked him to keep on coming for the next 20 years (!!).

Jennifer, Judy and their two female companions remained in Yoro, and yesterday visited three communities in Sulaco (Izote, La Salida, and Quebrada Ariiba), where thay saw the work that we have accomplished in these communities since the month of February 2009, when these communities were newly incorporated as a part of our foundation [Sustainable Harvest Honduras]. There are five villages in the moment, with the goal of 10 between July and December this year.

In these communities they were able to observe at least 10 gardens in various stages of preparation (from the preparation of the soil up to cultivation of radishes) and also they saw 2 improved chicken houses. These works, and 13 more to be built later than this month, make 25 made with the donation of $1000 that NY/HELP sent us. Thanks for that!. Attached are photos of that visit. Judy is going to comment further on this visit.

Let us hope we can work together in these communities of Sulaco.

Attached are several photos. The whole group is "sprinkled" now. Some in SPS [San Pedro Sula], others Omoa [the beach!] and others in Copán [the historic Mayan ruins]. They meet again Saturday, for departure on Sunday, although I understand that Richard and Brian depart on Friday. Greetings to you all!.


18 April 2010