NY/HELP Honduras - August 2009 Mission Trip

My thoughts about the August Trip

I have heard many first hand reports about the level of poverty in our own hemisphere from places like Haiti, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Mexico, but had never experienced it myself, until going to Honduras in August. The beauty and lushness of the mountain countryside belies the stark lack of resources available to provide even a basic standard of living for the families whose villages dot that breathtaking landscape.

For that reason, so many ministries, including NYHelp, concentrate their efforts on trying to alleviate some of the need found there. I say "some" because the need is so overwhelming in so many areas of the lives of these people. Living among the Mataderos tribal people in La Laguna for eight days was an experience I'll never forget. Their warmth, strength and shy but ready willingness to befriend and confide was refreshing to me personally, connecting me to that remote place, even as I returned to my "normal life."

The assistance (not only medical) that NYHelp provides through the medical clinic is so desperately needed, but seemingly only scratches the surface. So many people traveled 3,4, even 5 hours by foot over dark mountain paths to arrive by 6:30 to assure being seen with enough time to make the trip home before dark. Thank God for the talents and willingness of Gordon and Nancy Savoy, to treat the many physical ailments with only the limited resources found in the four walls of that tiny pharmacy! And how disappointing for all involved to send people away with only a month or two of ibuprofen tablets! One young mother carried water on her head for 5-6 hours a day to provide for a large household! No wonder she had headaches and neckaches and body pain. What she really needs is help from other members of the family, or better yet, a water supply closer to the house. God knows these needs, and I pray He will meet the ones that we could not.

My experience in Honduras has helped me in my work here in rural New York with Mexican migrant farmworkers. The great majority of the people I work with come from the poorest regions of Mexico: Oaxaca, Chiapas and Guerrero....from villages probably very like La Laguna. Because of the Aug. trip, I see them with increased understanding of and appreciation for their desperation to risk so much to make a better life for their spouses, children, parents and extended families.

Eileen with Nancy and Mirtila       

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Eileeen Brittain
Nov 10, 2009