NY/HELP Honduras July 2010 - Cindy's Report


Cindy crocheting I'm writing a little bit about my Honduras experience and sending it to you in hopes it arrives at wherever is appropriate.

My most enduring impression of the people I met and the experiences I encountered during the NY HELP trip is of happiness and community in the midst of serious material poverty. Wherever we went, especially in the mountains, we saw smiles and laughter and families enjoying each other even as they worked very hard to survive every day.  Everyone offered a shy smile and an extended hand.

  "Many hands make light work." I marveled at how a group of men (and boys) from the villages and a few gringos manually hauled 60 or so HEAVY posts out of a steep ravine and shoveled sand into sacks and transported them from a river bottom to the clinic by horse. The community spirit was most impressive-and no machinery! The old clinic roof was removed and replaced and the fence put up quickly and efficiently as a cooperative effort.

  The children are beautiful and ever present and always gathered around Shea.

My own personal experience planting an "orchard" with the resourceful & wise farmer & stove-builder, Rigo was very rewarding and enlightening. He was meticulous and precise while plotting the orchard site with a measuring stick and by eye.In spite of the language barrier between us, I felt an instant kinship with Rigo watching his loving care while preparing the hole and mini reservoir for each tree.

Mike and kid

  I feel humbled and grateful to have been a part of this effort. Next time, I'll know more Spanish.


August 23, 2010


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